What’s cooler than a moisturizer that LOOKS like a neon unicorn and SMELLS as if you were on a tropical island surrounded by sweet fresh fruits! She’s highly moisturizing and is emulated to smell like perfume 🖤 she’s a MUST HAVE! What a fun new twist on skincare! No more using absorbent amounts of greasy, unscented, lotion to keep your skin moisturized! We have perfected our body butter so that a LITTLE goes a LOOONG way! No more than a dime size will be needed to keep your skin feeling soft & supple while smelling delicious! And giving your skin a radiating moisturized glow! Uses include; Protective layer around the skin NO MORE DRY, ASHY, cracked skin! The new lotion! But way more fun and beneficial! Oh, and did we mention they smell delectable!

Unicorn Body Butter

  • Our products contain raw shea butter, vitamin e oil, fragrance oils & arrowroot powder, mica, and jojoba oil.