THESE ARE 2OZ CONTAINERS (WHITE LIDS) MAY HAVE A CHANCE TO RECEIVE ROSE GOLD LIDS) Spring's right around the corner Shanti babes, and it's time NOW, more than ever for beautiful, hydrated, RADIANT skin! We are welcoming Spring with our beautiful ensemble of our SPRING TIME FINE TRIO! These are all relevatively stronger floral scents. BLUE- this body butter is a MOUTH WATERING ensemble of delicious, sweet fruits & flowers. With hints of peach, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, pair, jasmine, melon, amber all infused into one REFRESHING SMELL. Yellow-orange, lemon and mandarin, middle notes of calla lily, cyclamen, jasmine, and rose, with a woody amber, white musky, base note.  Pink- fruit and floral notes that capture the characteristics of a fresh blooming orchid garden. Floral notes of velvet rose, lily of the valley and violet blend.

Spring Time Fine