Peach Please is our whimsical orange and white butter scented like fresh peaches with a dash of yummy cream 🤍 she smells and feels truly delectable! What a fun new twist on skincare! No more using absorbent amounts of greasy, unscented, lotion to keep your skin moisturized! We have perfected our body butter so that a LITTLE goes a LOOONG way! No more than a dime size will be needed to keep your skin feeling soft & supple while smelling delicious! And giving your skin a radiating moisturized glow!


Uses include; Protective layer around the skin


NO MORE DRY, ASHY, cracked skin! The new lotion! But way more fun and beneficial!

Oh, and did we mention they smell delectable!

Peach Please 🧡

  • Our products contain raw shea butter, Vitamin E Oil, Fragrance Oils & Arrowroot Powder, Jojoba Oil & Mica.